Meet the five-year-old Atherstone litter picker ‘going above and beyond’ for his community

  Posted: 29.04.21 at 09:38 by The Editor

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A five-year-old boy from Atherstone has been going ‘above and beyond’ for his community with his litter picking and fundraising efforts this spring.

JayJ Wall has been raising money on behalf of local charity Community Children Count (CCC), to help take him and 30 other children on a litter picking and educational trip to Blackpool this July.

He has been raising funds by contacting local businesses and neighbours for donations, whilst also doing regular litter picks in Atherstone and Tamworth in the past few weeks.

JayJ first got involved with CCC at the beginning of April by attending his first litter pick in Tamworth after which he was made a ‘Community Champion’.

Having heard that a trip to Blackpool was being planned JayJ was eager to help and asked his mother, Amber, how he could help get involved.

Speaking to Nub News she said: “We have been litter picking regularly at the weekends, and then when he heard about the trip to Blackpool he wanted to help with the fundraising on his own as well as with the group.”

JayJ with his collecting tin

Amber shared a JustGiving page on Facebook for JayJ with many people donating straight away. He has also received £100 from The Stone Channel as well as £50 from The Horse and Jockey pub.

The Blackpool trip in July will see the children being taught about the importance of keeping the oceans clear by a marine biologist, as well as organising them to do a litter pick on the beach.

With travel, insurance and food costs, CCC is expecting to need to raise at least £850.

When asked what had inspired her son to get so involved Amber said: “JayJ enjoyed seeing all the wildlife whilst we were out and I think he is just really passionate about cleaning up the mess. A lot of people have said to him he needs to teach the older children a lesson!

“He is just really passionate about cleaning the local space, because obviously its not nice going to the park and its all messy.”

JayJ first got involved with CCC at the beginning of April by attending his first litter pick in Tamworth

She added: “Local businesses and the local community have been really supportive. I think people like the fact that he wants to do something good with his time, that he is trying to help and they support that he is so young and wants to make a small change to the area.”

JayJ has also inspired his little sister Ella, aged three, to join on the next CCC litter pick in May.

“I am very proud of him,” says Amber, “it is lovely to see that he has taken the local community to heart and wants to be proud of where he lives.”

Hannah Nicholls from CCC has also thanked and praised him for his efforts.

She said to Atherstone Nub News: “JayJ has gone completely above and beyond. He has been going out with his tin, speaking to neighbours and businesses. He has been absolutely fantastic and deserves to be thanked by the community.”

A final total for his fundraising is yet to be counted, but it is expected to be at least £250.

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