Lockdown to end next week, but uncertainty remains over which tier Atherstone will be placed in

  Posted: 23.11.20 at 16:39 by The Editor

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During a briefing in the House of Commons this afternoon (Monday 23 November), the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, announced the reintroduction of the three-tier coronavirus measures after the second national lockdown finishes next week.

Following this most recent lockdown, Mr Johnson will be returning the nation to the three-tiered system that was announced at the end of October.

Atherstone and the rest of Warwickshire were in tier one before the second lockdown began, although it must be said that cases of Covid-19 in the county were on the rise.

Mr Johnson said in his speech to the Commons today that a final announcement on which tiers different regions would enter is expected this coming Thursday, meaning that Atherstone residents are left unsure over the extent to which normality will be resumed.

The Prime Minister did however indicate that it was likely that more areas would be escalated to tiers two and three.

As the tiered system resumes, collective worship, weddings and outdoor sports will be allowed to recommence. Shops, personal care, gyms and the wider leisure sector will reopen. These will all be subject to the different regulations under the three tiers.

The 'Rule of Six' will return into force as it was before the second lockdown

People will no longer be limited to seeing only one other person in outdoor public spaces - the 'rule of six' will apply outdoors as it did in the previous set of tiers.

Events can now be attended by a limited number of people indoor and outside, with the BBC reporting that a maximum of 4,000 fans being able to attend outdoor sporting events in tier one, and 2,000 in tier two.

Mr Johnson said "our tiers need to be made tougher" and that regional discussions would not be conducted, with all three tiers being introduced uniformly across the nation.

Changes will include; in tier two alcohol will only be served as part of a substantial meal; and in tier three hospitality will now be takeaway only.

The 10pm curfew has been reviewed and will become a 'last orders' time with 11pm the new actual closing time.

A new 10pm 'last orders' is to come into affect, with closing times extended to 11pm


Mr Johnson's speech did not give a definitive answer on how the festive period will be experienced.

He did say that "I can't say that Christmas will be the same this year," and that "we don't want to throw caution to the wind."

Mr Johnson has said that the Government will be pursuing a four-nation approach to Christmas, with discussions to be held with the leaders of the other nations in Great Britain. This was welcomed by the leader of the opposition Sir Kier Starmer.

The Government's full Winter Plan can be found by following this link.

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