Atherstone's MP welcomes inclusion of Bedworth in new constituency name

  Posted: 08.06.21 at 15:47 by The Editor

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Atherstone's MP, Craig Tracey, has welcomed plans that could see Bedworth officially recognised in the title of its parliamentary constituency.

The MP for North Warwickshire has said he is 'delighted' that his constituency could be called Bedworth and North Warwickshire if plans are approved.

The proposals announced this morning will see little geographical change to the North Warwickshire constituency, although it will increase in size by roughly 3,000 residents as the boarders are pushed out marginally.

In a statement online Mr Tracey has said: "Preliminary Boundary commission review on Parliamentary Boundaries keeps North Warwickshire as it currently is, which is good news.

"I'm delighted though that following my ongoing campaign which started back in 2015, they have recognised the significance of Bedworth as the largest town in the constituency and are proposing a name change to 'Bedworth and North Warwickshire'."

The initial proposals will now be subject to consultations and revisions.

Current constituency boundaries (in blue) and proposed changes (in red)

This first one will run for eight weeks before closing on 2 August.

A second consultation with public hearings will then get under way in spring 2022, followed by a final four-week consultation on revised plans in autumn 2022.

Final recommendations are due by 1 July 2023, after which the government has four months to alter the plans.

The changes will only come into effect in late 2023, which could be be too late for the next election if PM Boris Johnson decides to call it early.

Follow this link to view the changes and make a response.

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Planned changed to constituency boundaries could see the name of Atherstone's constituency officially changed. Whilst little geographical c...